Misina Szavakó working and protective clothing store started its business in Pécs 22 years ago. Since then the company has continuously expanded its supplying network, which markets selected high quality products, and due to its own sewing salon it is able to manufacture unique workwear according to the requirements of any industries. Besides workwear, Misina Szavakó’s product range also includes protective equipment, such as labor safety shoes, hand-, head-, respiratory- and hearing protection equipment, high visibility clothing, etc.

Workwear and labor safety, expert advice, branding – everything in one place

Misina Szavakó has a great expertise on worwear and labor safety, and from January 2015 besides expert advice and procuring workwear they can make their clients’ work more efficient in new fields: they continue their activity as part of Bolko business group so they brand workwear with machine embroidery or screen print in-house, in the factory of Bolko Reklám.


The primary function of workwear is to minimize the chance of labor accidents and occupational hazards and to ensure the workers’ convenience. Aesthetics is another important aspect as workwear conveys a message to the outside world as part of the company image. Our workwear products can be ordered from our catalogues or can be customized to unique requirements, and our product range ensures the most appropriate workwear for workers of every hazard class of every industry.

Foretaste of our product range:

  • coats, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts
  • (mechanics) vests
  • trousers, workers overalls
  • medical and catering industry clothing
  • cloaks, shirts and blouses
  • special clothing (flame-resistant, chemical protection, antistatic)
  • high visibility and rain clothing

Besides workwear we offer protective equipment in several categories. Have a look round our product range:


Besides workwear we offer protective equipment in several categories. Have a look round our product range:

Protective shoes

Shoes used at work are designed for continuous heavy use while serving convenience besides protection. Protective shoes and slippers we market are certified by the required standards, and we offer functional and good-looking shoes for every protection degrees and every industry’s experts.

Categories of protective shoes certified by European EN ISO 20345 Standard:

SB: appropriate formal design and toe protection (against plummeting objects with 200 J of energy and pressing objects with 15 kN)

S1: closed shoe counters, oil- and slip-resistant outer soles, antistatic qualities, energy absorbing heels

S1P: S1 plus steel plates protecting against sole piercing

S2: S1 plus protection against relieving water vapor and absorbing moisture in shoe uppers

S3: S2 plus steel plates protecting against sole piercing

S4: injection-moulded into one piece or vulcanized shoes with protective steel toecaps, antistatic qualities and energy absorbing heels

S5: S4 plus protection against sole piercing, patterned outer soles

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Protective gloves

Protective gloves protect the hands from certain harms and depending on the length of the cuffs they can even protect the whole arms. Strict regulations provide for requirements for personal protective equipment, in our store you can find high quality protective gloves in all the categories.

EN 374: gloves protecting against chemicals and microorganisms

EN 388: gloves protecting against mechanical harms

EN 407: gloves protecting against heat

EN 421: gloves protecting against ionizing radiation

EN 420: general requirements

EN 455: medical, disposable gloves

EN 511: gloves protecting against cold

EN 1082: gloves protecting against knife cuts

EN 10819: anti-vibration protective gloves

EN 60903: gloves protecting against electric tension

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Eye protection

According to research, eyes get injured in 20% of occupational accidents. Our inspected protective glasses with certification protect the eyes from mechanical, chemical, radiative and heat damages during work.

Main standards for protective glasses:

EN 166: individual equipment for eye-protection

EN 169: filters for welding jobs

EN 170: ultraviolet (UV) filters

EN 171: infrared (IR) filters

EN 172: sunlight filters for industrial use

EN 175: eye and face protection equipment for welding

EN 207: filters protecting against laser radiation

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Hearing protection

We offer a wide variety of hearing protectors, which met the requirements of strict regulations of noise protection. These protective tools are indispensible in a noisy environment as noise can cause lasting, severe health damage as well as immediate negative impacts (increased heart-rate, rising blood pressure, carelessness, headache, nausea, balance disorders).

We have to consider when selecting the appropriate earmuffs or earplugs that the extent of the protective capacity is different according to frequency bands of the noise therefore a protective tool suitable for the characteristics of the given noise level is needed.

Main standards for hearing protectors:

EN 352-1: earmuffs

EN 352-2: earplugs

EN 352-3: earmuffs on industrial protective helmets

EN 352-4: earmuffs depending on noise level

EN 352-5: earmuffs with active noise reduction

EN 352-6: earmuffs with electric audio input

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Head protection

The two main functions of protective helmets are to protect against hitting the head and against plummeting objects. The lifespan of protective helmets are influenced by several factors such as temperature conditions, frequency of use, degree of mechanical use, physical and chemical harms and UV radiation. It is important that a protective tool must be replaced if it has been subject to a hard strike, even there is no visible injury.

Main standards for head and face protectors:

EN 166: individual eye and face protectors

EN 397: industrial protective helmets

EN 443: protective helmets for fire-fighting

EN 812: protective helmets against strikes, for industrial use

EN 1731: eye and face protectors with net

EN 12492: mountaineer helmets

EN 12941: respiratory protection device with a helmet or a hood

EN 14052: industrial protective helmets with great protective quality

EN 14458: eye and face protectors used with a helmet for fire-fighting, ambulance and emergency services

EN 50365: electricity insulating protective helmet for low-voltage use (1000 V)

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Respiratory protection

Inhaling substances that are harmful for the human organism can cause coughing, respiratory irritation, or in worse cases it can cause difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, poisoning, pulmonary disease, cancer or even immediate death. The tools protecting respiratory organs against particles and gases can be classified as filters cleaning the air and respiratory protecting tools with transported air system.

Respiratory protectors against different substances which are harmful to health:

powders: particulate filtering masks, half and full face mask respirators, isolation devices

mists: particulate filtering masks, half and full face mask respirators, isolation devices

vapors: particulate filtering masks, half and full face mask respirators, isolation devices

gases: half and full face mask respirators, isolation devices (in case of some gases only the latter ones can protect)

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Fall protection

In case of professional use, fall protection devices marketed by Misina Szavakó ensure protection against falling from high places or into depth.

The aim of the fall prevention systems is to avoid falling, to safely join the anchorage, and if an accident has happened, to stop the fall in the shortest possible distance and keep the person in an appropriate position.

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Special clothing

We offer a wide variety of high visibility, cut-, heat-, chemical-, flame- and acid proof, antistatic special clothes with protection against pathogens.

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