Our textile products range from cheap T-shirts for mass distribution at events, to exclusive quality elegant products including all great brands.

We make our partners’ choice easier by presenting a sample collection including shirts, baseball caps, coats and sweaters besides promotional T-shirts. We brand the chosen product in our own factory with screen printing, digital textile printing or embroidering according to your choice.

Couldn’t you find a T-shirt or shirt that you like? Would you like a new fashion or do you have special requirements and unique conceptions? We can put it into practice in our own sewing salon.

A foretaste of the brands we market and recommend to you:

It is a world-renowned and popular market leader textile brand, which has been well-known for its high quality textile products for more than 160 years. We don’t have to introduce their T-shirts and sweaters to anyone but you may not have heard that the company was founded in Rhode Island in 1851 by two brothers, and the well-known fruity emblem was inspired by a painting of the daughter of one of the company’s clients.

The other basis of the textiles marketed by us is the products of Gildan, who employs 43,000 people worldwide. The product range includes basic and premium products, round neckline T-shirts and polo shirts, sweat-pants, children’s clothing, undershirts, socks and shorts.

We recommend the Paris centered Sol’s brand’s products to people with juvenile and lively personality who are open to novelty whether in colors or shapes. Textiles of Sol’s feature high standard tailoring solutions and pleasant materials; any of their products can be a good choice.

The company started out with producing underwear for boys and men and sportswear in the USA in 1953. They entered the European market with round neckline T-shirts in 2001, and since then they have been one of the most successful European textile brands. They have men’s, women’s and children’s clothes including T-shirts, sweaters, underwear and jackets.

Textile products of the German James & Nicholson represent high quality. Their product range includes T-shirts, sportswear, sweaters and elegant shirts worn in the office, and besides these products, the brand has specialized in sailing clothes and sportswear. Design of the textiles is ingenious and innovative, and their materials are soft and they retain their shape and color.

Kariban is a really sporty brand, it is our personal favorite. High standard and fashionable cuts, excellent materials and high quality implementation feature the brand. However, Kariban is so much more than just a textile producer: its product range includes high quality bags, sports bottles and socks ideal for sports as well as jerseys, baselayers and special breathable sportswear with moisture management.

B&C represents a trendy, youthful line among our textile products. A prominently wide scale of colors, reasoned cuts and high quality materials feature B&C’s T-shirts. Its sweaters and elegant shirts are of ingenious design and they are pleasant to wear. Round neckline T-shirts and polo shirts of B&C are among our favorites, and we also recommend that you look around the product range of B&C if you are looking for branded vests or other warm clothes to present your clients.

The textile factory founded in 1902 professes that every textile fibre has a story. Although we do not know all of their stories but we do know that the Russell shirts, knitted and polar sweaters represent an outstandingly high quality therefore they are good choice if you want us to manufacture branded office uniforms for your colleagues. 

In our textile product range, you can choose from the following clothes and other textile accessories:

Round neckline and V-neck T-shirts

There is no one in the world who does not own a standard round neckline T-shirt. ASI (the supreme media and marketing specialist in the USA) concluded in its research conducted in the USA and Europe in 2014 that 57% of the respondents like the companies which presented them with a branded T-shirt more than the ones with only a promotional message. Another interesting result is that the German respondents wear their branded T-shirt at least once a week. These results confirm our experience that promotional gifting of round neckline T-shirts is one of the most popular marketing tools, by which a company can be present in its target audience’s life for a long time with its image or marketing message. Round neckline and V-neck T-shirts range in a wide scale of price, quality and colors. Our product range includes the cheapest T-shirts which are suitable for mass distribution at events, high quality color- and shape-retaining T-shirts for everyday work or free time activities, and outstanding quality exclusive design T-shirts as well.

If you are not sure which T-shirt would suit best for your purposes, profit the benefits of more than 16 years of experience and feel free to contact us.

Polo shirts

One of the most elegant styles of T-shirts is the polo shirt (pique), which is one of the most popular types among our textile products. This fashion combines casual elegance and light sporty appearance therefore it represents a higher category among T-shirts than the traditional round neckline one. The quality scale is wide among polo shirts too: we recommend polo shirts with small weight for mass distribution, while polo shirts with bigger weight and elegant cut and design are as good as the quality of the greatest fashion labels.


A sweater with a school’s coat of arms or a club emblem increases the sense of joint belonging for schools, sports and other clubs. A sweater branded with the company logo is also an excellent choice for colder days for a bigger firm’s employees. Hoodies, round neckline, zipped, polar, cotton… there is a great range of styles and materials of sweaters, and our colleagues with outstanding product knowledge are at your disposal too.


Waistcoats (just like sweaters) are excellent advertising media; people can wear it even in cooler weather while they are able to move freely. A branded waistcoat is a great advertising media for delivery people, cleaning staff, shelf service staff, security guards, and it can be continued endlessly. We have a wide variety of waistcoat materials, cuts and colors, including soft polar waistcoats, state-of-the-art softshell materials and traditional warm lining as well. Our waistcoats are highly detailed; they can be ordered fitted for men or women, from the smallest to the largest sizes; and they offer countless practical solutions (e.g. mobile holding inside pocket, tool holding pockets) for convenience.


Shirts are the bases of elegant office looks: a well-chosen and well-branded shirt suggests professionalism and reliability toward your clients. Our product range includes slim-fit women’s shirts and elegant men’s shirts with short or long sleeves. The material and color range is wide: it includes 100% cotton shirts, cotton combined with polyester and also non-iron textiles.

Softshell jackets

Softshell technology is a huge development in textile industry, which is ideal for outdoor activities, sports or excursions. Softshell materials may differ from each other, but they have a few qualitities in common: softness, water repellent and breathable quality. Softshell coats we market are of excellent quality regarding their material and design. We offer a lot of fashions of several manufacturers, whether it is women’s or men’s cut, hooded or standard neck, so we are definitely able to recommend a suitable jacket for your softshell conceptions and purposes.

Windbreakers, raincoats

Are you organizing an outdoor partner meeting or a company family day? Your guests will be delighted to have a windbreaker or raincoat branded with your company’s logo, which they can use later as well. One version of our raincoats is made from durable reversible two-colored PVC, and the cheaper version is made from a transparent material and it can be folded into a small size. Our windbreaker range of light and thin materials includes women’s and men’s coats; this practical piece of clothes is indispensible in a bag packed for an excursion.


Technical and other sportswear

One of the newest great innovations of textile industry is the production of technical sports equipment which increases your sense of comfort while doing sports. The essence of these clothes is that due to their special material composition they enhance the cooling of the organism or in cold weather they keep the sweaty body dry. Our textile product range includes base layers, T-shirts and jerseys for sport activities. The knowledge of our manufacturers’ research guarantees that our colleagues will recommend the most suitable sportswear products for you.

Putting unique conceptions into practice in our sewing salon

Haven’t you found anything to your taste in our catalogues or do you have special conceptions regarding the cuts or the materials? It is not a problem at all, our sewers in our sewing salon have outstanding expertise and they will cut and sew any cloaks, uniforms, aprons, oven gloves or any other textiles according to your own conceptions.


Each of our towels is of high quality and their color and size range is also wide so our clients can choose freely. Our Beardream towels are available in 21 colors and 4 different sizes from the smallest facial towels to 100 x 160 cm bath sheets. Our towels are made from pure soft cotton, they are good absorbents and they are durable. A towel branded with an elegant embroidery is a good choice according to our clients’ feedbacks, everyone is happy to receive one and it is definitely useful so your company logo is present even in your clients’ private life. 


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