Giving gifts on promotional purposes is the only marketing method that delights people, and it is also unique because it gives the target audience useful, palpable values beyond its advertising power. We believe that in our promotional product range based on 15 years of experience, everyone could find the perfect gift for their partners and clients.

Our promotional products range from simple, cheap gifts to exclusive items, and due to our own branding workshop, we can supervise the entire branding process so we can guarantee quick work and high quality.

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We offer well-tried promotional products as well as nontraditional awareness-raising ones with bold design in the following categories.


Memo-pads, business card cases, letter openers, mobile phone cases, phone chargers, folders… In our office promotional product range we have numerous useful objects that are used at the office every day so they are always present on the desk.

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Writing materials

A simple pen is a consumable; an elegant pen is a status symbol; therefore a pen which writes smoothly is always a good choice.

Whether it is the cheapest promotional pen or a Mark Twain pen set with exclusive design or a touch screen pen or colored pencils and highlighters, you can find the perfect promotional writing material in our wide variety.

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Clocks and electronics

Nowadays, when we almost always check the time on our mobile, a gift clock has a message beyond its usefulness: “just sit back and give yourself time”.

In our wide variety of clocks you can find virtually any types, from wall clocks and alarm clocks to exclusive quality watches and retro clock radios.

The basis of our promotional electronic product range includes smart phone accessories and personal computers but we also offer earphones with volume control, adapter kits and Bluetooth speakers that can be branded.

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Free time

Are you preparing for a team building exercise, company promotion, company’s family or partner day?

Have a look around our brandable free time toys (Frisbee, badminton, petanque, beachball… etc.), accessories and equipment for barbecues (sunshade, deckchair, picnic set, sunglasses… etc.), and enjoy at your events the delight of the people who received the gifts.

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Travelling and bags

A bag is one of the most useful promotional products that can be given to the clients and partners of the company. Whether it is an indispensable shopping bag, a backpack, a gym bag or a suitcase, your company’s reputation can travel far thanks to the branding.

When we created our product range we considered businessmen who travel a lot: we offer practical and indispensable suit- and shoe bags, shirt organizers, make-up and laptop cases for them.

Your clients who often travel will definitely value the little gifts (mini hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, travel sewing kits… etc.) which can make the journeys more comfortable. You can also please anyone with our portable heat-retaining thermos mugs.

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Tools, lights and other products

We have torches and practical repair kits, accessories for safe winter driving, retro-reflecting safety products, key chains and file holders, a wide variety of cigarette lighters and tape measures in this promotional product category.

All these products are frequently used to make everyday life easier therefore they will always be present in your clients’ life and so will your company brand.

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Home and gifts

If you present neat and stylish home accessories branded with your company’s logo, your clients will stay in touch with your company even in their private time.

Soft blankets, fondue sets, useful kitchenware, teapots and cups, aprons and oven gloves are included in the category.

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Umbrella and raincoat

An umbrella is an indispensable and unavoidable promotional gift, which is not only clearly one of the most useful gifts but also one of the most practical advertising spaces for your company.

We have every price category and quality in our product range, including the cheapest manual open compact umbrellas, automatic mini umbrellas and high quality double canopy storm proof umbrellas.

It is essential for the organizers of festivals and open air programs to obtain raincoats: we have models in several price categories and designs just like in the case of the umbrellas.

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Beauty and health

Besides a wide variety of manicure kits, make-up mirrors, massage products, scales and cosmetic bags, the beauty and health category is based on digital scales and training kits.

Above all this, wellness sets including scented cosmetics can be ordered as well as scented candles. The most popular product of this category is the exclusive quality stainless steel bag hook, which can be branded with engraving; it is basic equipment of a lady’s bag.

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Wine, beer and cocktail accessories

You can surprise your clients with accessories for wine, cocktail and beer consumption if you choose a gift from this category.

Besides the classic bottle opener and waiter’s corkscrew, we offer luxury wine and cocktail sets, and we can also help you out with elegant wine boxes and bottle coolers.

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Mark Twain

Mark Twain – similarly to Ferraghini – meets the highest expectations for promotional products. Cool elegance, unusual and authentic materials and ingenious design feature the Mark Twain writing materials and bags.

Mark Twain products are recommended to be presented to company partners who value quality and elegance and who are open to innovation.


Ferraghini represents high quality among promotional products and it offers elegant wallets, key chains and bags besides writing materials.

Do you want to pay the highest attention to privileged business partners? Then Ferraghini is an excellent choice!

Unique promotional products

Imagine your dream promotional gift and we put it into practice!

A pendrive in a unique shape or a paper cup with the design of your company’s image? A badge or a wine bottle manufactured with unique tools according to your ideas? Wristbands for an event or branded ribbons for your company gifts?

The options are endless, just call us and we will find a solution for everything!

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