During the transfer printing process, the ink is not directly applied on the surface of the branded object. It is applied with screen printing on a special paper siliconized on both sides, and then this image is applied onto the product with the use of a high temperature heat press.

Transfer printing is normally used when the product’s surface is rough or it is difficult to brand (e.g. baseball cap, bag, umbrella, tie…), and a high quality and durable design is needed.

General information on the process of branding

Graphic design

We always prepare a graphic design for branding. It is based on the appropriate quality graphic material you have sent us.

Sending emblems and graphics

The logo can only be used in vector graphic format (.cdr files created with CorelDRAW or .ai and .eps files created with Adobe Illustrator). Please convert the texts on the emblem into a curve, and place it in the material this way. On request, we convert digitalized non-vector graphic (.jpg, .tif, .psd, .gif, etc.) emblems into vector graphic ones for extra charge.

Specifying branding color

If a black, white or silver branding is not what you need, please give us the appropriate PMS color code (according to Pantone Solid Coated scale). In case of pad printing and screen printing, if the product’s surface is not white (or very light), in the case of some branding colors – due to technological reasons – we might have to add an extra white print under the surface print. In this case, we have to calculate the branding costs by adding another color. To determine whether we need the extra print, we need to know the emblem and its colors and the object to be branded, and then we will inform you about it.


Products ordered from us may differ a little from the items in the catalogue in their dimensions, colors or design. Considering that emblems are applied to different materials and primary colors, we can only guarantee approximate color accuracy.

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