One of our most popular services is T-shirt branding and labeling. During the process we apply unique graphics, emblems and logos on our distributed T-shirt types (standard T-shirts or polo shirt) or, upon request, on T-shirts and other textiles brought here by our clients.

What technologies do we use while branding T-shirts?

Our clients can choose from three technologies: silkscreen printing, digital textile printing and machine embroidery. In case of a large amount (e.g. promotional T-shirt branding), we recommend the first option to you; in case of a smaller quantity (e.g. company T-shirt branding for 10-15 people), digital textile printing is the best for optimal costs; machine embroidery is a good choice for high quality and sophisticated design (e.g. branding promotional products for privileged partners).

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T-shirt printing, T-shirt branding – Who should use this service and when?

Here are some ideas:

  • workwear, company T-shirt branding, labeling for a uniform business image
  • advertising and promotional T-shirt branding for events and promotional purposes
  • organizer or technical team T-shirts with screen printing, digital textile printing and machine embroidery
  • labeling and numbering jerseys, branding team T-shirts, branding for sports teams
  • creating fan T-shirts, concert T-shirts

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