Besides pad printing, sublimation printing and digital printing, we offer screen printing as well for our Clients.

Screen printing enables diverse use and special effects:


Screen printing is generally used for branding objects with even surface; detailed, durable and unique design can be achieved for almost any kinds of material (textile, metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, cardboard, wood, fabric).

During the process, we light up the emblem on a silk screen stretched on an aluminum or wooden frame. We apply the ink on the material to be branded through a mesh and using a squeegee, which leads to nice and sharp outlines. We wind the applied ink or dry it with set-heating. Among our screen printers there are automatic ones for large amounts and also manual ones.

Screen printing technology enables the use of different kinds of inks, therefore besides the traditional water and plastisol based inks, we can brand with inks changing due to heat, expanding ink (puff), which rises from the garment, and inks which glow in the dark. Above all, we use several special inks due to the diverse materials and products branded in our factory.


For a customized and accurate quotation, we need the following information:

graphics to be applied

dimensions of the emblem

exact number

object to be branded

You should know before screen printing:

We always prepare a graphic design

We prepare a graphic design each time prior to screen printing based on the graphic material you have sent us. Therefore the sooner the graphics arrive, the sooner you can have a look at the graphic design of the outcome.

We need vector graphics

We can use your logo’s graphics during screen printing only if it is vector graphic: such as .cdr files created with CorelDRAW or .ai and .eps files created with Adobe Illustrator. Please convert the texts on your emblem into a curve, and place it in the material this way. On request, we convert non-vector graphic (.jpg, .tif, .gif, .psd) emblems into vector graphic ones prior to screen printing. We add extra charge for it.

We work with Pantone colors

If a white, silver or black branding is not what you need, please give us the appropriate PMS color code according to Pantone Solid Coated scale. Due to the particularities of the technology, an extra white print may be needed in the case of a white or very light colored surface and in the case of some other branding colors. In this case, we have to calculate the screen printing costs by adding another color. Naturally, we will inform you in advance. To determine whether we need the extra print, we have to see the brand and know the object to be branded.

Small differences may occur

Products ordered from us may differ a little from the items in the catalogue in their dimensions, colors or design. During the screen printing process, emblems are applied to different materials and surfaces therefore we cannot guarantee the perfect color accuracy.

If you have a question in connection with screen printing, please feel free to contact us!

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