One of the most durable textile branding methods is aesthetic machine embroidery.

In our own sewing salon, we create the desired images with automatic digitized embroidery machines. Machine embroidery offers solutions for an elegant branding of numerous products, such as shirts, T-shirts, leather clothes, baseball caps, knitted hats, coats, waistcoats, bathing suits, towels, bags, blankets, chef’s uniforms, aprons, trousers or fibre synthetic leather products.

The costs depend on the image’s dimensions, number of colors and number of stitches.

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What do we need to create the desired machine embroidery?

First of all, we need to know what your exact conceptions and requirements are in connection with the label or emblem. What colors and dimensions have you imagined; what materials and products will be embroidered; do you have a specific graphic design or do you want us to plan it?

If we have all this information, we write an embroidery program prior to the machine embroidery, which guides the embroidery machine according to the high quality data in .tif, .cdr, or .pdf format which you have sent us or which we have created.

Prior to the embroidery we write an embroidery program, for which we need high quality data (.tif, .cdr, .pdf).


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We recommend the use of our service in the following cases:

  • Embroidered products for firms: uniform workwear with the company’s logo, towels with an emblem in the bathroom, labeled Christmas gifts for the employees and privileged partners, promotional T-shirts… there are plenty options when using machine embroidery.
  • Textile products based on embroidery patterns of associations, sports and other teams: It is important for teams to have their uniform look, especially at matches and championships. The embroidery can be prepared on jerseys, baseball caps, wristbands, gloves, socks, towels, elbow-, knee-, and ankle pads, team pennants, training suits, even on mascots.


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