The first member of our business group, Bolko Promotion started its activity 18 years ago with branding promotional products. Since then we have expanded our services and the equipment of our factory and we have become a major player in the market of promotional T-shirts and other promotional products.

Bolko-Print, the printing contracting and decorating branch of the business group, was founded in 2009 in order that the flyers, posters, molinos, installations, banners and other decorative products necessary for our partners’ image could be prepared in-house.

As years passed, among our orders besides contracting, design has become more and more prominent, and many of our clients wanted to transact marketing businesses through one contact person within one business group.

Therefore Bolko Design, the creative branch of Bolko Group business group, was founded in 2012, and it covers the full spectrum of brand building including designing logos, images and websites, shooting product photos or organizing marketing and sales campaigns.

The latest member of  business group is a Bolko Workwear Store which has a 25-year-old history and it makes the activity of the business group more complex by offering a wide variety of working and protective clothing at 35 Jókai Street, in the centre of Pécs.

Our prepared and client-oriented colleagues are at your disposal, feel free to contact us!


László Bolkovics
Company Owner

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